Outback Riders Horse Club

Equine Community Calendar

By enabling horse enthusiasts of all disciplines and abilities to engage in outdoor equine activities in a beautiful environment, safe from vehicular traffic... we can enhance the quality of life for all horses and riders

Please make us aware of community equestrian related events – we want to know and promote area trail rides, fundraisers, horse shows, parades, clinics and any other events for horse enthusiasts!

Please eMAIL OBR your events schedule.
We will be happy to add any horse related fun to our calendar!

Stewards of the OBR Machickanee Trail System
in Oconto County!

We are dedicated to preserving and improving the horse industry in Northeastern Wisconsin.
Our goals and purposes are simple: educational, charitable, athletic, civic and recreational.

Our sponsors monetary assistance and the volunteer
hours of so many continue to provide a valuable
service to the equine community!